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How we teach entrepreneurship

Our classes allow your child to be an entrepreneur in a risk free setting. Children role play as entrepreneurs. They can use presence coins to purchase virtual land in The Presence Metaverse and set up their own worlds. They earn Presence coins by selling admission tickets into their worlds. With more Presence coins, they can buy more resources and virtual land to build better worlds that will make them more coins.

Lean Startup

Exposure to the world of business and entrepreneurship helps children to develop their overall self-confidence. To pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor, it is essential for your child to be able to confidently trade herself, her product and her business service. For young children, it is, quite often, daunting to be standing forward to present themselves, let alone deliver a pitch to sell their creations. Yet, a creation, no matter how cool, can only be truly valued with demand or sales from a user base. Presence Pictures is a soft introduction to entrepreneurship for children. Presence Pictures not only teaches your child how to code beautiful 3D worlds or games (product), but also exposes her to Lean Startup Methodology, an influential business concept developed by Eric Ries. Presence Pictures is designed to let your child learn to test and develop ideas, collect feedback for her minimum viable product (MVP) early and often to iterate and improve, before publishing her 3D world for public view. A digital economy is also set up within Presence Pictures app that guides your child on steps to launching her world or game as a business and securing a user base for it. The app further helps your child track her performance - how well her product is doing after launch with ratings and reviews from users, and how much earnings your child is making from it in the virtual world. She can even elevate to a Professional Creator to transform the simulation into a real world deal. This pathway from creator to professional lays the foundation for your child on steps to becoming an aspiring entrepreneur.

"I appreciate that so much effort is put into tailoring the learning approach to suit each child's interests."

— Mdm Seah, Mother of Presence Creator


Entrepreneurialism builds excellent leadership skills. The entrepreneur must have the ability to lead because often, they are working in an environment where not much has been figured out. There is no established infrastructure for their startup business, there is no mature market for their product or service and they don’t always have much money to work with. The entrepreneur must also be humble to consider advice from mentors and take failures in good stride. In the Presence Pictures Creator Programme, all these are cleverly gamified to teach your child the ropes. Your child will start off as a clueless but determined entrepreneur. Situations will arise as part of the story arch where your child will learn to use new knowledge to overcome difficulties and eventually lead the creative process.

Self worth

One of the key outcomes that a successful entrepreneur must produce is value to an audience. Using Presence Pictures, your child can create a range of beautiful products. She can build a 3D game that brings fun to other children, or a meaningful 3D world that helps spread her noble ideas to reduce global warming, or a 3D educational game that transfers her subject specific knowledge learnt at school to other children, or a home that shares her interior design talents, or an inspiring 3D world on her future ambitions and more. Learning how to code these with Presence Pictures and receiving progressive feedback from the audience helps your child understand that she can make or do things that other people consider valuable. With that understanding comes a personal sense of worth. Also, engaging in entrepreneurial work gives your child an opportunity to solve problems never thought of, validate ideas, improve with feedback and make an income. These are now all achievable for your child; being able to apply entrepreneurial theory to practice through Presence Pictures programme will greatly bolster your child's sense of worth and self-confidence.

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