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Presence Pictures has a clear progression pathway from Junior Creator to Senior Creator for our students. Students can even turn professional and progress on to Masterclasses which will train them in entrepreneurship to produce value in the virtual worlds they have created.

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Our Creators

Our creators have exhibited at large-scale digital interactive installations such as National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Art Museum.

Not only that, our students have achieved numerous accolades from winning the Visual-Spatial Mathlympics and other national competitions, to receiving prestigious awards such as the Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor's Award.

Here are some of our creators' showcase videos.

Our Goal

Presence Pictures’ goal has always been to empower young children with new world skills to create their own immersive tech experiences, rather than just consuming them.


What is Presence Pictures?

Presence Pictures is a high tech edutainment platform for kids by kids. Two types of kids can come to our center: players and creators. Players are kids who come to play experiences done by creators. Players do augmented reality climbing, play virtual reality challenges, and explore hundreds of virtual worlds in Presence Metaverse. Creators are students of Presence Pictures who have learnt to create these high tech experiences for players. Coming to Presence Pictures is like going to a cinema. Players are the movie goers. They buy a ticket to a show - in our case, a high tech experience. Creators are like the Hollywood directors. They create the cinematic high tech experiences for the players to enjoy.

How is Presence Pictures different from other coding schools?

Presence Pictures is different from a regular coding school because we are an enrichment platform focusing on new world technologies. With us, your child will learn underlying technologies forming the foundation of Web 3.0 namely virtual reality, augmented reality, metaverse, and blockchain.

Unlike other coding schools, we have a roadmap for every child at Presence Pictures to reach real-life applications when they learn with us as a Creator. Many of our young creators have used skill sets in AR, VR and 3D builds in metaverse to excel in school submissions, win national level competitions, deliver presentations, and level up to leadership and internship positions. Check out our Creator Website to find out our Creator’s achievements and more!

Wanna Play?

As a platform, Presence Pictures is more than just a coding school. We are a high-tech edutainment playground. Kids can experience, as a Player, virtual worlds coded by Creators. Tickets are available for individual play, group play dates and birthday parties.

This is the show reel of some virtual worlds that players can play at Presence.

Highlights of Creators' experiences

Creators are students of Presence Pictures who attend classes to learn coding and 3D creativity in order to build high-tech AR, VR, and metaverse experiences. Here are some experiences made by our Creators:

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How is Presence Pictures different from other indoor playgrounds?

Presence Pictures is different from other indoor playgrounds because we are an enrichment platform. Unlike regular indoor playgrounds, after having fun on our premise, your child can learn to build the immersive experiences she played. We offer a pathway for your child to upgrade from a player to a learner. This allows your child to progress from consuming content to creating content. We call our students Creators. Creators learn 3D creativity, coding and entrepreneurship at Presence Pictures to create high-tech experiences that people want.

How does Presence Pictures benefit children?

Presence Pictures believe in empowering children with skillsets to create their own high-tech experiences. All experiences are powered by our proprietary augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), metaverse and blockchain technologies that make it super accessible for children as young as 6 to learn new world technologies.

We invented a software tool with a simple interface that allows children to build complex, virtual experiences that can be viewed easily in VR and AR on iPhones, or can be explored in 3D space using their digital avatar. This has never been possible for young children until Presence Pictures empowered them so.

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