The Presence Metaverse:

The future of online learning

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What is Presence Pictures?

We built an evolutionary online learning platform that is fun and engaging for children between the ages of 6 to 12. Instead of learning via video chats or digital worksheets, children attend class through our iPhone app and learn in a virtual 3D universe called the Presence Metaverse. We currently teach creativity, coding and entrepreneurship in the Presence metaverse – essential skill sets in the 21st century ignored by current school model.


Learn to think out of the box and present ideas creatively

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Learn computational thinking and be able to break down complex problems to develop numerous solutions

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Learn to produce value in things that she create and embrace entrepreneurship

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Our story

We observed a problem... In 2019, we were teaching kids how to build virtual reality worlds face to face. Then covid hit and, just like any business then, we turned to Zoom, video chat, to conduct our classes. However, the results were dismal. Children were disengaged, and could not retain the knowledge gained in class. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and find a solution.

We found the solution... To be engaged, children need a sense of presence in the virtual space. Children needed a sense of self whist online, so we gave them a virtual avartar they can control and move around. They wanted a virtual space they have ownership over; so we let them create their own virtual worlds. They wanted purpose in the virtual universe; so they let them be virtual entrepreneurs where they buy land, build worlds and earn Presence coins by selling tickets to the virtual attractions they own. We call this virtual universe - the Presence Metaverse.

"I love every Presence Pictures class! I like flora and fauna and am now creating a beautiful smart garden for my showcase. There are still so many ideas I want to build. I really want to be a successful creator and become a professional."

— Rachel, 8 years old

"I thought my kids wouldn’t be keen in coding. Enrolling both my girl (10 years) and boy (7 years) in Presence Pictures is the right choice I made. Somehow their programme is so cleverly designed that it really draws my kids attention and gets them excited building. Now they are even competitive, trying to outbeat each other’s ranking with their game designs. Highly recommended."


"I tried coding my 3D game using Roblox Studio but it is just too difficult to use. I gave up. But with Presence Pictures, I can easily code my favourite game. Plus I can play games, explore so many worlds, earn coins and be an entrepreneur. Not just all coding which is what I like."


The future of online learning

Presence Pictures is the next evolution in online learning. Online learning started off as static images and text, akin to a digital worksheet. Later, with the improvement of internet speeds and video compression, online learning moved to video based learning. Here we are today with 4G and video streaming and now companies are using video chat to teach online.

We believe that online learning is evolving. With 5G and immersive technologies, we believe that the next online learning technology will be where students enter virtual universes to learn. We believe that in the future all children will be learning through Presence Metaverse. Give your child the headstart in learning.

Why join Presence Pictures?

Subscription Plans

Sign up for our Value Plan. If you want your child to learn well, commit the time. Presence Pictures will commit with you by putting money where our mouth is. We offer a deep discount when you and your child commit to regular long-term learning.

As educators having taught many children for years, we saw how resounding success came to those who commit the time to learn. We came up with three plans to take your child through their learning development with Presence Pictures, from a first-timer all the way to a professional. We know how it takes time for children to settle into habitual learning and become proficient in new skillsets. We offer this extraordinary value as we want your children to commit and see good results in themselves. You can help your child cultivate a commitment to learning and fortify her chances of success! Sign up now.

Standard Plan

Monthly standard plan for creators

  • $600 per month
  • Online programme
  • 8 hours of online theory and practical classes a month.
  • Access to our online library of learning curriculum, creative resources and games
  • Subscription fee $600 payable every month

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Best Value
Value Plan

Value plan for result-oriented creators. Commitment period of min 3 months.

  • $600 $360 per month Huge savings!
  • Best value. We reward students who cultivate a commitment to learning new skills with our Value Plan
  • 8 hours of online theory and practical classes a month.
  • Continuous learning programme that allows our students to progress from a beginner to a professional creator
  • Access to our online library of learning curriculum, creative resources and games
  • Subscription fee $360 payable every month

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Professional Plan

Exclusive plan for creators, teachers and businesses.

  • $1080 per month
  • Acceptance only by referral from fellow creators or invitation from the founders
  • Hybrid format of online class and exclusive face-to-face mentoring by founders of Presence Pictures
  • Personalised growth plan to match your interests.
  • Scheduled masterclasses in creativity, coding and entrepreneurship.
  • Custom design your picture panels to suit your experience themes and goals
  • Access to our online library of learning curriculum, creative resources and games
  • Subscription fee $1080 payable every month

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